I describe myself as a Champion for a Great Work-Life because I’m adamant about having great work and a great life outside of work.

I haven’t always had that rich combination, but now that I do, I’m energized by joining others in their search for work that’s rewarding both personally and financially.

Some of my coaching clients are settled into their career and are searching for ways to enhance their business or professional effectiveness. Others are exploring avenues for a fulfilling new career, and still others are just fed-up and frustrated with where they are today and confused about the best way forward.

If you have the feeling that your work-life is not as great as it could be, let’s talk about how I might help.

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I choose to become a professional business and career coach after being in a job that ate my life and left little time or energy for anything else. I enjoyed the challenge of an executive leadership role but found little time for the other fascinating things I wanted to learn and experience in my life.

Throughout my career, I have been devoted to service roles, beginning with non-profit leadership in child abuse prevention and then in the healthcare field. As I analyzed where my work met my personal needs, I recognized that I thrived when I could inspire growth in others—helping parents succeed in their family role, supporting physicians in delivering care, teaching patients with chronic disease to take control of their medical condition and coaching employees in career enrichment.

I completed training and founded my business and career coaching practice in 2004. I learned about personality strengths and their impact on work-life satisfaction. I’ve developed proprietary strengths-based coaching systems that guide clients through their confusion to find their richly rewarding work-life in about half the time they would working on their own.

In addition to my MBA from San Jose State University (go Spartans!), I’ve earned the respected Professional Certified Coach, Certified Career Management Coach, and “Get Clear, Get Found, Get Hired” (G3) credentials.

I’m a member of the International Coach Federation and the Nevada Professional Coaches Association, where I’ve served on the Executive Council for five of the past eight years.

In 2011, I realized a life-long dream of publishing a book, Discover UR Best Self: Guide to a Great Work-Life. It’s been called “career coaching in writing” and I’m honored to have inspired growth in a number of readers who credit the book with helping them design their next career move.

I currently live in Reno, Nevada with my husband, Len, a business development executive and resume writer. We share our home with Chloe, a mixed breed stray dog who has stolen our hearts and earned our adoration as she teaches us life and business lessons.

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